Snelfotografie: de rage van 1912 tot 1925

Speed Photography: The Craze from 1912 to 1925

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam,  3 juni 2023 – 21 september 2023

Intiated. Together with Róman Kienjet I did the research on snelfotografie (stickybacks). Exhibition in collaboration with teh Nederlands Fotomuseum.

The relative cheap rage speed photography (approx. 1912 to 1925), also known as American Automatic, Stickyback (UK), Leimrücken (D) and Tip-Top, offered more people the opportunity to have their portraits taken and the freedom to determine how you would be photographed. At the top of each portrait is the name of the studio or their address—a strategic approach to advertising. Between 1912 and 1925 more than two-hundred new photographic studios offering speed portraits appeared in the Netherlands. The exhibition featured around 175 vintage photos divided by province together with stories about snelfotografie, the photographers and the photographed. Together with a slideshow of 200 photos the exhibition told a story of the Netherlands around World War I.

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